Realizing the promise of quantum technology

Launched in 2022, the Quantum Collaborative at Arizona State University aims to promote quantum technology, forge partnerships to advance it and harness its power in service of new discoveries and economic prosperity and human well-being. 

State-funded and globally oriented, the collaborative is a wide-ranging endeavor with numerous partners cooperating across many strategic areas. Its primary goals are to deliver incremental advances across the breadth of the quantum technology landscape as well as develop training and education for the future quantum workforce.

Part of the IBM Quantum Network

ASU operates as a Quantum Innovation Center in the IBM Quantum Network, a global ecosystem of over 140 Fortune 500 companies, leading academic institutions, startups, and national research labs, enabled by IBM’s quantum computers, scientists, engineers, and consultants.

ASU’s Quantum Innovation Center is a key asset of the Quantum Collaborative, which taps into a worldwide community of global leaders working to advance quantum technology. Organizations can join the ASU Center as members to draw on IBM’s quantum technology resources and expertise to advance research.

The Quantum Collaborative

By collaborating with programs across the country, the Quantum Collaborative advances applications of this novel and powerful technology while growing a broad and deep quantum workforce to support national dominance among a global competition.

Program focus areas include:

Learning and Upskilling

Scientific Applications

Industry Advising

Security and Privacy

Accelerated Computing

Simulation and Networks

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