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National Science Foundation awards $90.8M to ASU to advance X-ray science

Quantum materials — materials in which quantum behavior results in new properties — are not well understood, yet critical to advancing technology from magnetic memory to new sensing and communications platforms. The CXFEL could help to decode the physics of these exotic materials, allowing them to be used across a range of industries. These materials are critical for quantum computing and Quantum Information Science and Technology.

Catch the Quantum Seminar Series – Now on YouTube

In partnership with Quantum Collaborative, ASU Knowledge Enterprise has launched a Quantum Technology playlist on their YouTube channel to provide the latest updates and insights to our research community.

When quantum computing meets alloy design

Although research alloy design and artificial intelligence has been ongoing for decades, Houlong Zhuang is now combining the two fields to forge a new path forward for materials scientists.

Quantinuum Sets Industry Record for Hardware Performance with New Quantum Volume Milestone

Quantinuum, announced its H1 generation quantum processors set two performance records. The achievements represent a high-water mark for the quantum computing industry, based on the widely recognized QV benchmark, originally developed by IBM to reflect a quantum computer’s general capability.

New quantum sensing technique reveals magnetic connections

The ability to distinguish between standalone and correlated environments at the atomic scale could have enormous impacts in medicine, navigation and discovery science.

Satellites may enable better quantum networks

A study by Oak Ridge National Laboratory and University of Illinois researchers has demonstrated how satellites could enable more efficient, secure quantum networks.