University of Wyoming joins Quantum Collaborative

Harnessing the potential of quantum information science and technology requires both cutting-edge research and a well-trained quantum workforce. The Quantum Collaborative is facilitating growth in these areas by expanding its strategic partnerships.

The Quantum Collaborative, led by Arizona State University, has partnered with the Research and Economic Development department at University of Wyoming to accelerate progress in quantum research, technology and education. University of Wyoming joins a growing community of industry, academic and national laboratory partners.

“Collaborating with progressive institutions like the University of Wyoming is essential for advancing quantum research and technology,” said Sean Dudley, the Chief Research Information Officer at ASU. “Together, we can share our expertise, resources and diverse perspectives to unlock the potential of quantum and drive innovation that will positively impact humanity.”

One key research aspect of both Quantum Collaborative and University of Wyoming’s work is the exploration and development of quantum algorithms, which are specialized instructions designed to run on quantum computers to solve complex problems more efficiently than classical algorithms. Quantum algorithms have the potential to revolutionize fields such as cryptography, optimization and artificial intelligence. By refining quantum algorithms, the partners hope to realize the full power of quantum computing. 

To facilitate progress in quantum research, academic institutions are establishing strong quantum learning programs and workforce training initiatives. Both ASU (through the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering) and the University of Wyoming are developing robust quantum academic programs aimed at empowering students to become future leaders in quantum science and technology, thus nurturing a skilled workforce.

“The University of Wyoming is excited to join the Quantum Collaborative and appreciate Arizona State University’s leadership in seeding some exciting ideas and opportunities for the Collaborative,” says Parag Chitnis, Vice President of Research & Economic Development at University of Wyoming. “This exciting partnership will provide our faculty the resources and expertise to continue to make ground breaking discoveries in the field of quantum sciences and technology and to provide even more opportunities for our students in pursuing successful careers in this industry of the future.” 

Watch this space for more updates on Quantum Collaborative partnerships.