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What is the Quantum Collaborative?

The Quantum Collaborative at Arizona State University connects top scientific programs, initiatives, facilities, leading Quantum Information Science and Technology (QIST) talent, and prominent industry partners to advance the science and engineering of quantum information science, train the quantum workforce of tomorrow, and drive U.S. quantum economic advantage. 

The Quantum Collaborative is powered by the state of Arizona and our partners. 

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Inviting Millions Into the Era of Quantum Technologies

Quantum technologies involving sensing, networking, and computing are beginning to transform areas as diverse as health, geology, astrophysics, materials science, and finance. To realize the field’s potential, the United States must begin developing a quantum information science and technology (QIST) workforce that can meet the demands of industry, academia, government, and national laboratories.

Dr. Joseph Lukens coauthors review published in Optica

The quantum technologies emerging today have the potential to transform the world. More powerful computer processing, complex problem-solving and secure communication could change everything. 

Quantum World Congress 2023

As the Associate Director of the Research Technology Office at ASU’s Knowledge Enterprise, I had the opportunity to attend the Quantum World Congress 2023 in Virginia, which proved to be an enlightening

…the development of a QIST-ready workforce with a broad range of skills is vital to ensure that the United States can contribute to and benefit from the quantum technology innovations of the 21st century.

U.S. National Science and Technology Council’s 2021 Report on The Role of International in Quantum Information Science

What is quantum information science and technology?

Quantum Information Science and Technology (QIST) brings together the theoretical foundations of quantum physics and computing technology to solve problems too complex for even the most powerful classical computers.

Why quantum?

Quantum Information Science and Technology (QIST) will accelerate the discovery of solutions to global challenges and enable the development of new technologies and advancements that will dramatically impact how science and business evolve, particularly in computing, sensing, networks, communications, cryptography, medical technology, and transport systems.

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