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Quantum optics lab installation, featuring a reflective laser

ASU-led Quantum Collaborative fuels quantum discovery

Initiative funds original, groundbreaking research to accelerate progress In a world where technology is advancing rapidly, researchers are exploring innovative paths to overcome societal challenges, from mitigating cyber threats to

Nurturing the next generation of big quantum thinkers

Arizona high school students advance promising scientific research through ASU internship program The world as we know it follows certain scientific rules that make sense to us almost from the

Celebrating World Quantum Day: April 14, 2024

It’s our favorite day of the year: #WorldQuantumDay! Every year, April 14th is dedicated to recognizing and promoting global awareness of Quantum Information Science and Technology (QIST) – a field

A room brimming with the top quantum thinkers and leaders at the Quantum Collaborative Summit

The next quantum leap: 6 trends shaping the future of industry and education

Top researchers convene at ASU-led summit to advance the big developments in quantum technologies Imagine a future where quantum science could help us tackle major global challenges like food insecurity,

Joseph Lukens and Hsuan Hao Lu

Shaping Our Quantum Future: Q&A with Dr. Joseph Lukens and Dr. Hsuan-Hao Lu

Quantum technology is on the cusp of revolutionizing our daily lives, impacting everything from communication and sensing to security and computing. At the forefront of this transformation are Joseph Lukens,

Inviting Millions Into the Era of Quantum Technologies

Quantum technologies involving sensing, networking, and computing are beginning to transform areas as diverse as health, geology, astrophysics, materials science, and finance. To realize the field’s potential, the United States must begin developing a quantum information science and technology (QIST) workforce that can meet the demands of industry, academia, government, and national laboratories.

Dr. Joseph Lukens coauthors review published in Optica

The quantum technologies emerging today have the potential to transform the world. More powerful computer processing, complex problem-solving and secure communication could change everything. 

Quantum World Congress 2023

As the Associate Director of the Research Technology Office at ASU’s Knowledge Enterprise, I had the opportunity to attend the Quantum World Congress 2023 in Virginia, which proved to be an enlightening

University of Wyoming joins Quantum Collaborative

The Quantum Collaborative, led by Arizona State University, has partnered with the Research and Economic Development department at University of Wyoming to accelerate progress in quantum research, technology and education. University of Wyoming joins a growing community of industry, academic and national laboratory partners.

Quantum Collaborative uses Sol and IBM Quantum’s computing to advance new discoveries

Arizona State University’s Sol supercomputer just achieved a milestone global ranking by the Top500 organization. This exciting capability for Sol is already making an impact. Recently, Quantum Collaborative worked with ASU Assistant Professor Houlong Zhuang to run computations on Sol and IBM Quantum’s computing resources to advance new discoveries in materials science and pioneer a new computational workflow.

Quantum experts create roadmap to quantum education success

With quantum science growing faster than ever, how do we prepare students for today’s workforce needs and address the skills deficit in quantum fields? To tackle this challenge, Quantum Collaborative advisor Lincoln Carr co-organized a workshop last year with nearly 500 quantum experts from across industries to collaborate on quantum education solutions.

Dell Technologies joins the Quantum Collaborative

It takes a diversity of people and organizations to shape the future of research technology. To help define and forge the next iteration of problem-solving quantum discoveries, Dell Technologies has joined the Quantum Collaborative. Dell will contribute to QC’s work to develop solutions in the quantum field by supporting the integration of quantum technologies with traditional computing.