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Three Indiana research universities to collaborate with industry and government to develop quantum technologies in new NSF-funded center

Quantum science and engineering can help save energy, speed up computation, enhance national security and defense and innovate health care. With a grant from the National Science Foundation, researchers from Purdue University, Indiana University and the University of Notre Dame will work to develop industry- and government-relevant quantum technologies as part of the Center for Quantum Technologies. Purdue will serve as the lead site. IUPUI, a joint campus of Purdue and Indiana universities in Indianapolis, will also contribute.

Giant leap toward quantum internet realized with Bell state analyzer

Researchers at the Department of Energy’s Oak Ridge National Laboratory, SRI International, Freedom Photonics and Purdue University have made strides toward a fully quantum internet by designing and demonstrating the first ever Bell state analyzer for frequency bin coding.

Quantum center unites Virginia Tech’s broad expertise in a vital field

As Virginia Tech’s research programs continue to expand this year, one source of momentum driving new discoveries and forging ingenious solutions to stubborn problems will be a new center dedicated to quantum research.