Celebrating World Quantum Day: April 14, 2024

It’s our favorite day of the year: #WorldQuantumDay!

Every year, April 14th is dedicated to recognizing and promoting global awareness of Quantum Information Science and Technology (QIST) – a field poised to profoundly influence advances in technology and responses to societal challenges.

So, to celebrate, let’s talk about why #quantum matters:

➡Quantum technology could revolutionize computing, leading to faster and more powerful computers.
➡Quantum technology has the potential to improve networking and communication beyond existing capabilities, making the internet more secure and efficient.
➡Quantum sensing could lead to more accurate medical diagnostics and better navigation systems than what we currently have.
➡Quantum simulators could help scientists increase our understanding of the behavior of molecules at the atomic level.
➡Quantum encryption could enhance cybersecurity, protecting sensitive information from digital threats.

This World Quantum Day – and every day – we’re thankful for the more than 40 academic partners, labs and industry leaders working together to advance these aspects of QIST at the Quantum Collaborative. Learn more about our collaborators and what we’re accomplishing together.