Nurturing the next generation of big quantum thinkers

Workforce development

Nurturing the next generation of big quantum thinkers

Arizona high school students advance promising scientific research through ASU internship program The world as we know it follows certain scientific rules that make sense to us almost from the

A room brimming with the top quantum thinkers and leaders at the Quantum Collaborative Summit

The next quantum leap: 6 trends shaping the future of industry and education

Top researchers convene at ASU-led summit to advance the big developments in quantum technologies Imagine a future where quantum science could help us tackle major global challenges like food insecurity,

Inviting Millions Into the Era of Quantum Technologies

Quantum technologies involving sensing, networking, and computing are beginning to transform areas as diverse as health, geology, astrophysics, materials science, and finance. To realize the field’s potential, the United States must begin developing a quantum information science and technology (QIST) workforce that can meet the demands of industry, academia, government, and national laboratories.