Dell Technologies joins the Quantum Collaborative

It takes a diversity of people and organizations to shape the future of research technology. To help define and forge the next iteration of problem-solving quantum discoveries, Dell Technologies has joined the Quantum Collaborative.

Dell will contribute to QC’s work to develop solutions in the quantum field by supporting the integration of quantum technologies with traditional computing. Additionally, it will provide expertise on hybrid infrastructure design and help provide workshops, special programming, and R&D opportunities to students pursuing quantum careers, as well as those pursuing reskilling to join this burgeoning field.

Nurturing the next generation of quantum engineers and scientists calls for early and meaningful relationships between students and industry. In turn, Quantum Collaborative will tap Dell Technologies for its emerging technology expertise and resources to collaboratively cultivate the quantum workforce of the future.

Dell Technologies is the latest core partner to collaborate with the network, which is poised to accelerate scientific and technological advancements in the quantum field.

In fall 2022, Arizona State University announced the launch of the Quantum Collaborative as a pan-Arizona initiative to promote the understanding of quantum technology:

“The Quantum Collaborative is a broad endeavor consisting of a community of companies, academic institutions, startups and initiatives cooperating across several strategic areas to deliver incremental advances across the emerging quantum technology landscape, as well as develop training and education for the future quantum workforce.”

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